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About Keva Events

As your DJ service in the Rhode Island area, Keva Events delivers the right music.

DJ Services

We provide DJ/MC services for weddings, parties, special events within a 40 mile radius of the Rhode Island/Attleboro Area.

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Get in touch with us to start planning your special event and book your DJ now. We can be reached by email or phone 443.980.6362.

The Right Music at the Right Time

We provide mobile DJ services for weddings, parties, and events in the Rhode Island area. If you need a dependable, professional DJ in the Rhode Island area at a price that won't force you to sacrifice other elements of your events, Keva Events is your solution.

We created Keva Events as a way to offer our DJ/MC talent and passion about music to a section of the market of event holders, event planners, promoters and venue owners with a mind for a working budget for your event's musical needs. With a focus on quality music, integrity in business practices and a standard of professionalism, we strive to bring the Rhode Island area DJing/MCing skills without having to break the bank to get great music and DJing/MCing for your wedding, event, or party.

As your Rhode Island DJ for weddings, parties, and events, we specialize in DJing ALL types of Music.

Musical selection is a mix of DJ selected tracks and your musical desires as the client. You tell us what you want to hear from your DJ and more importantly, what you don’t want to hear from your DJ. Do you have a specific song you want played by the DJ? We try to accommodate all requests from your guests and you. We got you covered with more traditional DJ genres of music. If one of your guests requests a song from our DJ, we will do our best to work it in, depending on the outline we as your Rhode Island mobile DJ have mapped out with you, our client, beforehand.

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