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As your DJ service in the Rhode Island area, Keva Events delivers the right music for your wedding, party, or event. DJ Not Applicable, aka Bryan Fowler, has over 15 years experience honing the craft of DJing, creating skill through mixing between genres and songs seamlessly, keeping the party moving. Each track is carefully selected for that specific time of your event and is mixed on beat and on time for that moment. DJ Not Applicable, aka Bryan Fowler, has an excellent grasp of the dance floor to get your guests having fun dancing. We also understand that your whole event may not be all about dancing. We DJ other parts of your event that need different genres of music, such as cocktail, meet and greet, dinner and other warm-up particular parts that may occur during the event.

For the entire wedding, party, or event, you can be sure that music will add another layer to the flow of the event. People respond to music in different ways. A song could bring someone back to a specific moment in their lives such as their first kiss, first party, first time hearing that song, or any myriad of other instances. Bringing about a feeling from the guests and molding those into the present with a whole new perspective can be very moving. We want your guests to walk away from the event with a new reference point for any number of songs.

Our MCing is on point with a clear voice on the microphone to covey whatever message needs to be addressed to the guests. We engage the crowd for essential elements that require MCing services, but we are not on the microphone when it is not necessary. Your event is about you; we are just the musical and announcement element for your event.

We create a musical journey that your guests will remember for a long time as a special selection of songs and genres. Whether they are sweating to the beat, or taking time to relax and talk among people, the music is the backdrop for the entire event.

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