About Keva Events

As a DJ/MC provider in the Rhode Island area, Keva Events delivers the right music for your event. I am DJ Not Applicable, aka Bryan Fowler, and have over 17 years experience honing the craft of DJing. I create skillful mixing between genres and songs seamlessly to keep the party moving.

Each track is carefully selected for that specific time of your event and is mixed on beat and on time for that moment. I have an excellent grasp of the dance floor and how to get your guests dancing and having a blast.




I create a musical experience that your guests will remember for a long time with a special selection of songs and genres. Whether they are sweating to the beat, or taking time to relax and talk among other guests, the music is the backdrop for the entire event.

Start Planning With Your Event DJ Today.

I started Djing breakbeat music in 2001. After a couple years of hard work, I got the opportunity to play out in clubs, bars and parties in the MD/DC/VA area.

After a few years, I started branching out musically into other Electronic Dance Music genres. As my work expanded, I got better at mixing breaks and my ability to work with multiple genres mixes and performances greatly increased.

I moved with my wife to Attleboro, MA a couple of years ago. I was a full time web designer. I lost interest in working in the corporate world and started my event services business. I played bar games with music for a couple of years, which made me a better MC.