Welcome Inside the Booth

Welcome to the Keva Events Blog.

We will be posting articles, news and music (Produced Tracks and DJ Mixes).  You can check here for updates and insights into the Keva Events business.  Our ethos is based on a desire to share music and provide outstanding DJ/MCing to your Special Events at a cost that will work well with clients who need great music and MCing without breaking the bank.  You can be sure to book a DJ/MC that will allow you to spend more of your budget on other aspects of your event.

Our Event services are powered more than just a way to make music.  DJ Not Applicable, aka Bryan Fowler is driven by music throughout his everyday life.  He is always listening to music, whether it is checking out new tunes, enjoying older favorite songs while he is in his office working, sitting on his deck in nice weather having a drink with his wife and even needs music while he is in the shower.

Music is Life.