Tao Te DJ – Chapter 5

Heaven and Earth are impartial; They see the ten thousand things as straw dogs. The wise are impartial; They see the people as straw dogs. The space between heaven and Earth is like a bellows. The shape changes but not the form; The more it moves, the more it yields. More words count less. Hold fast to the center.

The role of the DJ is to create a journey of music.  The more the variation of the music, the more people are drawn in to the sound.  A wise DJ understands the need for an ebb and flow of the created musical landscape to provide the crowd a solidified mix.  More extraneous flourishes like the over use of filters or effects detract from the original center of the mix.

Tao Te DJ – Chapter 4

The Tao is an empty vessel; it is used, but never filled. Oh, unfathomable source of ten thousand things! Blunt the sharpness, Untangle the knot, Soften the glare, Merge with dust. Oh, hidden deep but ever present! I do not know from whence it comes. It is the forefather of the gods.


Translation – 
Music causes feelings and actions.  There is no physical way to capture the essence of sound.  Once it released into existence, it causes a reaction to the listener that is without any way for the listener to accurately describe those feelings and emotions.
Music is eternal and can never fail from any amount of use.

Thursday Thoughts

You’re gearing up for your mix, and your intentions are good, but you end up being judged by the mix rather than the record. And the record should be more important than the mix!

David Mancuso