Questions You Should Ask Your DJ

Posted by on Nov 9, 2017 in Advice

Is this your full-time business? Have you worked lots of weddings in the past?

Keva Events is my full-time business.  I have not been in the wedding game long, but have DJed a handful of weddings along with a few parties and events.  I started as a club DJ before I moved with my wife to MA.  I have over 15 years experience DJing.


Do you have set playlists to choose from? Do you customize the playlists for our style?

I cater my playlists according to the needs/wants from the client.  I can play anything from the 50s to Top 40 and Pop including old school hip hop, rock, euro pop, edm, electronica, chill out and more.


What do you do if the music just isn’t working for the crowd?

I read the crowd as I DJ and make adjustments according to the response of the dance floor.  I also provide times for slow dances and let the dance floor take a break with some more mellow tracks so the guests don’t burn out.


Will you MC the schedule of events?

I am an MC for weddings as well as DJ.  I stick to your itinerary for your event and make announcements as needed.


How do you handle song requests?

I try to cater to all requests if I can fit them into the night’s music.


Do you have transition/mixing samples?

You can find examples of my DJ skills here.

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And Music For All

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And Music For All
As a wedding DJ you need to be able to get everyone involved in the vibe of the event.  Making sure you have all age groups and diverse guests is paramount. You want all of your guests have a good time which means the music has to be varied through the wedding. Set aside age groups and diversity in your guests, a mix of all kinds of music keeps things fresh all night long.

I have a bit of everything in my music library. I play everything from 50s through today in genres including Top 40, Pop, Old School Hip Hop, Euro Pop, Country, Rock, EDM, Electronica, Chill Out, Rap and more.
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Why you need a tight itinerary for your wedding

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On your big day, you don’t want to worry about how smoothly things will run.  Having a rigid schedule takes the pressure off because you know that all the vendors are on the same page and your wedding will go off without a hitch.

Having a loose schedule leaves room for panic and anxiety about how things will happen at your wedding.

You should talk to your DJ/MC primarily and give them the agenda for your wedding.  This way, the announcements will be on time and every part of your wedding happens exactly as you planned.
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