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Not Applicable, aka Bryan Fowler, has over 15 years DJing experience. In 2001 he started playing out in the DC/MD/VA areas as a breakbeat DJ. As his musical knowledge advanced, his genre preferences started to shift. By 2007, he was playing Breaks, House, Trance and some DnB. He then progressed into downtempo/deep house/chill out tracks and mixes. He finally started mixing all types of genres including, but not limited to Top 40, Country, Hip Hop, Disco and Motown.

Beginning with a set genre allowed DJ Not Applicable to learn about musical structure and how to mix two tracks seamlessly. Once this groundwork had been laid, he understood how to mix tracks from any genre with mixing, cutting and dropping in songs so as not to allow the energy and vibe to get lost in transition.

He now resides in Attleboro and works solely as a Mobile DJ providing music at many different venues in the Rhode Island area. He makes mixes and produces EDM tracks at his leisure, has 2 breakbeat mix shows as podcasts in the iTunes store and has many mixes featured on many DJ mix websites.

He has a musical fire in him that radiates throughout his everyday life, creating mix shows for his 2 iTunes podcasts, listening to different genres as he works, and produces music that is offered in record pools. His tracks have been played in bars/pubs/clubs and on-air at venues across the country.

You can check out his work on some mixes below.

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dj not applicable, aka bryan fowler



Below are some examples of DJ Not Applicable's mixes.

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The hottest stupid dope breakbeat mixshow on the planet.

Breakbeat podcast featuring the newest breaks tracks with
some older gems for a high energy edm mix show.

New sessions are released on a weekly basis.

Mixed by DJ Not Applicable.


To get into the breakbeat of music, you've got to
start with the funk. Old school flavor has arrived.
Cut loose to these breaks and feel the soul.

Breakbeat podcast featuring old school funky breaks mix show.

New sessions are released on a weekly basis.

Mixed by DJ Not Applicable.

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