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The Right Music.

Rhode Island mobile DJ and MC
for your parties, events and Bar/Pub DJ nights.

We provide mobile DJ services for parties, events and bars/pubs in the Rhode Island area. If you need a dependable, professional DJ in the Rhode Island area at a price that won't force you to sacrifice other elements of your events, Keva Events is your solution. As your Rhode Island mobile DJ, we play all genres of music including, but not limited to Top 40, Dance, Motown and Country music.

We created Keva Events as a way to offer our talent and passion about music to a section of the market of event holders, event planners, promoters and venue owners with a mind for a working budget for DJ/MC services in the Rhode Island area. With a DJ focus on quality music, integrity in business practices and a standard of professionalism, we strive to bring the Rhode Island area DJing/MCing skills to those who realize that you don't have to break the bank to get great music and DJing/MCing for your event, party or bar/pub DJ night.

As your Rhode Island DJ for parties, events and bar/pub DJ nights, we specialize in DJing EDM/Club Music.

We DJ breakbeat, house and drum n bass genres. These types of DJ music provide high energy during the dance portion of your event. As music provider DJ Not Applicable, aka Bryan Fowler, gets the party rocking with flawless mixing from track to track with an overall feel for the dance floor to maintain a healthy ebb and flow with a set that is catered completely individualized for your event by your DJ.

For quieter times, we deliver as a DJ downtempo/chillout and electronica. These DJ genres are laid back and relaxed. The DJ mixing and track selection provides a smooth and mellow groove excellent for a backdrop for non-dancing parts of your event. Hearing background music with a bit of substance can be a great addition to these types of moments throughout the course of your event by your DJ.

DJ musical selection is all up to you as the client. You tell us what you want to hear from your DJ and more importantly, what you don’t want to hear from your DJ. Do you have a specific DJ song you want played? We have it. Do you NOT want DJ EDM/Club music at your event? We got you covered with more traditional DJ genres of music. If one of your guests requests a song from your DJ, we will do our best to work it in, depending on the outline we as your Rhode Island mobile DJ have mapped out with you, our client, beforehand.

Every track played by your DJ at your event has a purpose. As a Rhode Island mobile DJ, we think about what track is perfect for that exact moment in the course of your event. We understand what DJ tracks will pack the dance floor and, as a Rhode Island DJ, we can read the crowd and begin tailoring the DJ musical selection to get the best reaction from the crowd.

We can slowly warm your crowd up by incrementally increasing the energy of DJ songs and build into a solid dance floor. We could also just play DJ hit after DJ hit to keep your dance floor moving. For events where dancing is not a part, we can play any DJ genre to suit the needs of the event.

Drop us a line to discuss your project and see what we can offer.


As your DJ service in the Rhode Island area, Keva Events delivers the right music for your party, event or bar/pub DJ night. DJ Not Applicable, aka Bryan Fowler, has over 15 years experience honing the craft of DJing, creating skill through mixing between DJ genres and songs seamlessly, keeping the party moving. There is no auto-mix for DJ Not Applicable. Each DJ track is carefully selected for that specific time of your event and is mixed on beat and on time for that moment.

DJ Not Applicable, aka Bryan Fowler, has an excellent grasp of the dance floor to get your guests having fun dancing. We also understand that your DJ for your event may not DJ the whole event may not be all about dancing. We DJ other parts of your event that need different genres of music, such as cocktail, meet and greet, dinner and other warm-up particular parts that may occur during the event.

For the entire party, event, bar/pub DJ night, you can be sure that music will add another layer to the flow of the event. People respond to DJ music in different ways. A DJ song could bring someone back to a specific moment in their lives such as their first kiss, first party, first time hearing that song, or any myriad of other instances.

When your DJ brings about a feeling from the guests and molds them into the present with a whole new perspective it can be very moving. We want your guests to walk away from the event with a new reference point for any number of DJ songs.

We understand that as a Rhode Island mobile DJ, our job is to provide the musical entertainment for your party, event or bar/pub DJ night. DJ Not Applicable, aka Bryan Fowler, is sure to provide the best audible environment to invoke a sense of passion, memory or feeling for your guests.

Our MCing is on point with a clear voice on the microphone to covey whatever message needs to be addressed to the guests. We engage the crowd for essential elements that require MCing services, but we are not on the microphone when it is not necessary. Your event is about you; we are just the musical and announcement element for your event.

Our DJ creates a musical journey that your guests will remember for a long time as a special DJ selection of songs and genres. Whether they are sweating to the beat, or taking time to relax and talk among people, the DJ music is the backdrop for the entire event.


Keva Events offers DJ/MC for
hire in the Rhode Island/MA

We are more than a simple DJ/MC service. DJ Not Applicable, aka Bryan Fowler, has over 15 years of DJ experience. Our secret sauce is passion. We don’t do it for the money, we do it for the love of music. Many shows DJ Not Applicable has played through the years have been for little to no amount of money. Connecting with people though DJ music is a life-time pursuit.

Our DJ provides the right music at the right time. There are no awkward silences between songs or badly auto-mixed DJ transitions. We could list all of our DJ songs, but in this age, anyone can acquire a million DJ songs without any more than a quick trip to a music purchasing site. If you want a DJ track we don’t already own, our DJ can get it for you in a matter of minutes.

We don’t just want you to take our word for our DJ musical prowess. We have several examples of our DJ talent for you to preview as a bit of insight into what DJ Not Applicable, aka Bryan Fowler– your Rhode Island mobile DJ brings to the table. We believe that providing these DJ samples will alleviate any indecision on your part about what you are getting for your musical DJ budget. We are confident you will be impressed by the musical mastery our DJ possesses.

We specialize in DJ EDM/Club/Dance music. DJ Not Applicable, aka Bryan Fowler – your Rhode Island mobile DJ - putting in countless hours of DJing in the clubs and bars/pubs of the DC/MD/VA area has given rise to a special brand of mixing tracks. DJ Not Applicable utilizes a special DJ concoction of fades, cuts, filters and drops to create a seamless and continuous soundtrack for your party, event, or bar/pub DJ night.

High energy DJ dance music gets people together in a special way. Knowing while dancing enthusiastically that this moment, this time, this song has been specially selected as a specific and original set of music by your DJ that will leave your guests with a feeling of connection with others during their time as a member of a special DJ moment.

You can learn more about DJ Not Applicable and preview his mixing ability on the DJ N/A page.

We also play all types of DJ genres for those events where DJ EDM/Club music is not requested. We can provide almost any DJ song for any genre during the party, event, Bar/Pub DJ night. DJ Not Applicable, aka Bryan Fowler-your Rhode Island mobile DJ, has an innate skill for mixing two different DJ genres of music that are totally different.

DJ Not Applicable understands the need for different DJ approaches to mixing vastly different musical genres and incorporating them into the musical tapestry of your event. If you prefer DJ genres different from EDM/Club music, we can accommodate those requirements without a problem.

We have several more traditional DJ mix sets featuring pop/top 40/hip hop/rock on the services page. DJ Not Applicable is very fluid in our transitions of appropriate DJ genres of music for the particular moment. Making your party, event or Bar/Pub DJ night unique and special musically is what drives DJ Not Applicable, aka Bryan Fowler- your Rhode Island mobile DJ.


Not Applicable, aka Bryan Fowler, has
over 15 years DJing experience.

In 2001 he started playing out in the DC/MD/VA areas as a breakbeat DJ. As his musical knowledge advanced, his DJ genre preferences started to shift. By 2007, he was playing DJ genres Breaks, House, Trance and some DnB. He then progressed into downtempo/deep house/chill out tracks and DJ mixes. He finally started mixing all types of genres including, but not limited to Top 40, Country, Hip Hop, Disco and Motown.

Beginning with a set genre allowed DJ Not Applicable, aka Bryan Fowler - your Rhode Island mobile DJ, to learn about musical structure and how to mix two tracks seamlessly. Once this DJ groundwork had been laid, he understood how to mix tracks from any DJ genre with mixing, cutting and dropping in songs so as not to allow the energy and vibe to get lost in transition.

He now resides in Attleboro and works solely as a Mobile DJ providing music at many different venues in the Rhode Island area. He makes mixes and produces EDM tracks at his leisure, has 2 breakbeat mix shows as podcasts in the iTunes store and has many DJ mixes featured on many DJ mix websites.

He has a library of original DJ breakbeat tracks he has produced. He is new at producing music, but his tracks have developed a certain style unique to him as a Rhode Island mobile DJ.

He has a fire in him that radiates throughout his everyday life, creating mix shows for his 2 iTunes podcasts, listening to different DJ genres as he works, and produces DJ music that is offered in record pools (sites where someone pays a monthly fee and can download an unlimited amount of music). His tracks have been played in bars/pubs/clubs and on-air at venues across the country.


We can be reached by
email or phone (443.980.6362).

We have a specific booking process that allows for the precise execution of your event. We have a standard package which can be found on the Services page.

We have a special “Wants and Nots” musical selection process to insure you are getting your musical needs met by your Rhode Island mobile DJ. We meet you in person to discuss the flow of moments throughout your event to solidify that your itinerary is delivered on time and correctly per your request.

We will provide a simple DJ contract which lists every aspect of your event so as to make sure your Rhode Island mobile DJ and you as the client have agreed upon. There will be no surprises and your timeline will be executed according to plan.


Hire DJ and MC services from Keva Events as a DJ hire for Rhode Island DJ, Rhode Island Wedding DJ and Mobile Rhode Island DJ.

We are Mobile DJ, Party DJ and Corporate Event DJ service for Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

We cover RI, MA area with a service of 40 mile radius from Attleboro dj.

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