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Keva Events offers DJ/MC services for hire in the Rhode Island area. DJ Not Applicable, aka Bryan Fowler, has over 15 years of DJ experience. Our secret sauce is passion. We don’t do it just for the money, we do it for the love of music. Many shows DJ Not Applicable has played through the years have been for little to no amount of money. Connecting with people though music is a life-time pursuit.

We provide the right music at the right time. We don’t just want you to take our word for our musical prowess. We have several examples of our talent for you to preview as a bit of insight into what DJ Not Applicable – your Rhode Island DJ brings to the table. We believe that providing these samples will alleviate any indecision on your part about what you are getting for your musical budget. We are confident you will be impressed by the musical mastery we possess.

High energy dance music gets people together in a special way. Knowing while dancing enthusiastically that this moment, this time, this song has been specially selected as a specific and original set of music that will leave your guests with a feeling of connection with others during their time as a member of a special moment. You can learn more about DJ Not Applicable and preview his mixing ability on the DJ N/A page.

We provide most genres during the wedding, party, event. Your DJ, has an innate skill for mixing two different genres of music that are totally different. DJ Not Applicable understands the need for different approaches to mixing vastly different musical genres and incorporating them into the musical tapestry of your event.

We have several more traditional mix sets featuring pop/top 40/hip hop/rock below. We are very fluid in our transitions of appropriate genres of music for the particular moment. Making your wedding, party, or event unique and musically special is what drives DJ Not Applicable.

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