Wedding Entertainment: Why a DJ?

Posted by on Nov 15, 2017 in Uncategorized

Your choice between a band and a DJ is directly connected to what kind of wedding you want to have.  The music sets the reception off with the entertainment has been selected.

Do you want dancing and a more high energy dance floor with the options to request songs, provide play and do not play lists, cater to everyone at your reception and provide music during cocktails and dinner?  This what a DJ can provide.

Good DJs can read the dance floor and make adjustments in song selection depending on what the people are feeling.  With unlimited tracks in his/her arsenal, you can be sure there will be something for everyone.

DJs will MC your wedding reception and deliver events at the specific times to make sure you are worry free during your special day.  They know what song to play and when as decided before the day of the event.

DJs provide exactly the song you need for each part of your event.  Special dances songs and other aspects of your reception need an exact song that you have chosen for that moment.

A word about entrance songs here.

A good DJ will not speak over the vocal part of your entrance song you have selected.  They will use the instrumental part of your song while speaking and then come in with the vocals at the right point to set off your entrance with maximum delivery.