Keva Events is a DJ service for the MA/RI area. We specialize in Breakbeat music (We also play other genres of EDM such as House and Trance). DJ Not Applicable is your musical experience provider – a DJ/Producer from Attleboro, MA. He has over 19 years experience, plays on several radio stations, has 2 mix show podcasts and produces breakbeat tracks.

We provide music that moves crowds. We have a special love for older tracks and feel most of the new music is all the same. We do not play Pop EDM – if you hear it on a public radio station, we don’t play it. Our music is curated to the Nth degree. We create a narrative through sound as we flow from genre to genre and have peaks and valleys in our musical selection. We understand no one can spend the entire night on the dance floor and allow lower energy paths to allow for a rest, a drink or the bathroom. These valleys are a part of the journey of the night and fit in perfectly with the groove, but allow a cool off period for those sweating it out on the floor.

You can check out DJ Not Applicable’s mixes and tracks on his website – NothingApplies.com

You can get in touch with us here