Beatunes Review

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Beatunes Review
I tried beatunes after trying to organize my huge library of music.  I use iTunes, but there was not a way to analyze for BPM (Beats Per Minute).
BPM is used by DJs to be able to mix two tracks together by getting the tempo the same and match the beats so when the DJ mixes over to bring the new track in, there is not a drum clash (called train wrecking).  Without beat matching, it would sound like a bunch of horses galloping away.
BeaTunes is a great program.  It can analyze your whole iTunes library adding metadata (info about the song) to each song.  It does a lot of other functions, but I really use it for removing duplicate songs and finding the BPM.
Once analyzed, beaTunes syncs with your iTunes library and keeps updating songs and metadata that you grab from beaTunes.  It is an indispensable tool for our workflow when organizing music and getting a handle of new tracks as they are added.
You can check out beaTunes here.